Harding Eadnothsson
b: 1070
d: 06 NOV 1116
  • 1070 - Birth - ; Merriott, Somerset, England
  • 06 NOV 1116 - Death - ; Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England
Svend Ulfsson
1020 - 29 APR 1076
Gytha DeDenmark
1010 - 1054
Harding Eadnothsson
1070 - 06 NOV 1116
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) The Staller Eadnoth
Birth1030Bristol, Somerset, England
Death1068 killed, Stamford Bridge, Humberside, England
Marriage1049to Rissa DeMontgomery at England
FatherSvend Ulfsson
MotherGytha DeDenmark
PARENT (F) Rissa DeMontgomery
Birth1044Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
Death1069 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
Marriage1049to The Staller Eadnoth at England
MHarding FitzEadnoth
Birth1060Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England
Death06 NOV 1115Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Marriage1095to Livida De Meriet at Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
MHarding Eadnothsson
Birth1070Merriott, Somerset, England
Death06 NOV 1116Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England
[S00020] Public Member Trees


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