This site collects the genealogy material I’ve gathered over the years for the Hughes, Marsh, Campbell and Hatch families.  The header picture is from Gayle’s and my wedding and shows most of the Marsh clan.  Unfortunately, Nick was kneeling and John (Our flower boy) was too short to make the header. The full picture can be found here. However, it is still missing 3 members of the clan.

I have dug deeper into the stories of two of our ancestors. Plus I have also been locating the service records of my ancestors.

I’ve included;

An Oral History from Alice March on the The Armenian Genocide. My daughter did a summary of the her oral history for a college class and the full tapes are also available online.  There are links at the end of the article.

Articles about the murder of my grandfather – Erl Hatch – in 1927.  The trial was the first in California allowing a single fingerprint’s use in identifying a suspect.  The three year search for the killer is an interesting CIS story. Plus I found an article about the Lonesome Club of Los Angeles which Erl’s father Melvin Hatch founded.

I have been collecting information about my ancestors service in American’s Wars – from the Revolutionary War to World War II

I don’t trust most of the information I’ve gathered before 1500.   I plan to review each one in detail and see if I can I find the proof that others are claiming.   Lots of work to do.

I have not included anyone born after 1910.

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