Revolutionary War

Heman Hatch (b. 01 April 1747, d. 05 May 1801)

Heman served as a Private in the Revolutionary War as part of the 2nd Connecticut Light Infantry Regiment.  His son, Heman Hatch Jr (b. 14 Jun 1767, D 26 Dec 1843) was a fifer in the unit.

He saw action in the New York Campaign, Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown and the Battle of Monmouth.

Nathaniel  Tucker (b. 15 Oct 1744, D. 26 Mar 1796)

Enlisted July 6, 1775 in a Plymouth Mass company of infantry, discharged Oct 19, 1780.  Saw action in Massachusetts and New York.

Heman Hatch Jr married (22 Oct 1798) the daughter of Nathaniel Tucker (Vodocia Tucker b 04 May 1775 d 05 May 1840).  Their grandson, Charles Lycurgus Hatchserved in the Civil War on the Union side.

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