A single finger-print and a mother’s memory of how two short sentences were spoken by a strange voice more than three years before were not much upon which to build a murder case in 1930.

Earl’s dad (Melvin) and his mother (Violette) moved to Los Angeles first.   After starting the successful Lonesome Club (Click here for information on the club) they asked their son Earl and his family to join them.   Unfortunately, soon after Erl and his family arrived He was murdered trying to protect his mother.

The murder case received a lot of news coverage because of the way the murder was caught.   Over the following decade a number of magazines covered the story.

I have been able to find many of the articles thanks to my Aunt Barbara who had never opened copies of two of the magazines.  I had original copies of four magazine articles that were in my Mom’s things, they were falling apart but I was able to scan them in also.  Fortunately, two to them were one’s my Aunt Barbara had.

What follows in these articles is the fascinating but sad story of the murder and trial.


Here’s the list of Family members involved or directly affected

Erl Melvin Hatch   b: 01 APR 1892 d: 09 APR 1927

Dr. Melvin A Hatch b: JAN 1859 d: F28 FEB, 1930

Violetta M Hatch (Emmons) b: 07 FEB 1862 d: 09 MAY 1944